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At Nurture we know there is a better way.

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Our products  are produced exclusively from a highly engineered form of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a similar material to chopping boards.


All our products can be bleached, pressure washed, steamed, soaked, boiled and disinfected to a clinical standard and can be stored outdoors.


Strong and robust, the owner can safely accompany the bitch in the Whelping box and offer reassurance as required.














Available in a range of sizes, colours and designs. Our units can also be personalised with your kennel name.

We offer a unit to suit all breeds with a range of accessories, including playpens, half height doors and roll retreat rails.

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Tested to international standards

no risk from the material

Non toxic, Food grade

food grade en1176 TUV Approval Nurture whelping Box

Whelping boxes & Kittening units of distinction

Our guiding principles are Safety, Hygiene, Simplicity and Durability



Chemically & biologically inert so

faeces and urine will not be absorbed. Easily cleaned



Even after 10 years of


the material is guaranteed not to swell, embrittle, discolur or crack

At Nurture we believe that when your treasured pet becomes a mother she deserves a warm,  clean and cosy environment in which to rear her little ones.


After all, her babies are her most treasured gift to you.

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'Merseyside Innovation Awards'

We are honoured and delighted to be nominated for the MIA this year, wish us luck!

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New Products Launched


Puppy Playpen - With durability to match our whelping boxes, we proudly introduce our playpens. Our beautiful, white "picket fence," style playpen is currently available for Large & XL units. The pen included slip resistant steps which make access easy for mum and pups but also provides a handy feeding bench.


Half height doors - We now offer matching half height doors doors for all whelping boxes and playpens. These enable mum to come and go but keep puppies inside!

Playpen Nurture Animal Housing Launch new playpen, white picket fence.

'Small Business of the Week'

Liverpool Echo business of the week, nurture animal housing

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Puppy Playpen

Combine with a whelping unit to provide a complete puppy rearing system from 0-8 weeks.

'Andrea Bocelli, singing in support of our whelping units'

Andrea is supporting Guide Dogs UK and their plans to replace ALL their units with Nurture units. The very first unit is sponsored by Andrea for Guide Dog Brood, Yana.

Imagine a whelping box made from the same plastic as your kitchen chopping board...


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No fixings- flatpack

Just slot together

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