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Have you ever spent hours searching for an errant kitten, eventually becoming irrationally but totally convinced he fell down the loo or disappeared forever up the chimney? Only to later discover him happily curled up at the back of the fridge?


Monitoring early adventures, keeping them within “striking” distance of a litter tray and ensuring everyone is safely where they should be, can be daunting and fraught with hazards and headaches.


  • The Kittycot offers a spacious, stylish, comfortable environment for queens to rear their little royal infants. Whilst the Infra-red cat flap restricts unauthorised visitors to new-borns, it offers mum the opportunity to stretch her legs once the little ones are feeding themselves.

  • It also offers breeders the flexibility to rear two litters in one location without fear of maternal confrontation.

  • Like all of our units, it is highly durable, hygienic and easy to assemble and clean. The polycarbonate sliding doors are safer than glass but also, many times stronger.

  • The Kittycot enables the queen to feel secure in a cave like environment, whilst offering the breeder a clear view of labour, birth and subsequent rearing. Some queens enjoy the company of “their” human at birthing and some do not, either way Kittycot caters for everyone.

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Kittycot Kittening Units


The “Regal” design in monochromatic Black and white announces the presence of the Queen and is embellished with authentic Swarovski crystals.


Or you could add your own Prefix to the front.


The unit is a generous 120cm in length (4ft) is 60cm deep (the same depth as a kitchen worktop) and is a 100cm tall (3ft 3”).