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For Toy breeds we offer the, "Canine Crib," double whelping/ kennel unit.

For larger breeds we offer the "Delivery Suite," range of Whelping boxes.

Delivery Suite Whelping boxes

"The only Whelping box you will ever need"

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"Eye catching with a touch of mysticism. Whether they are to be little show dogs, assistance dogs or just treasured pets, all pups are all stars of the future."

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Special items for Assistance Dog organisations

Roll retreat


Simple, chrome rail system for breeders who prefer a guard rail in the early days. Fully adjustable in all directions, height, width and depth to suit your requirements.


Puppy Playpen


Combine with a whelping unit to provide a complete puppy rearing system from 0-8 weeks. Currently two sizes available, large and extra large.

Stepped access make it easy for heavily pregnant bitches to come and go and also help early

Durable, clean and easy, just as it should be!                                                


It has been our pleasure to work extensively with Guide Dogs UK.

We have designed and manufactured a range of  products specifically tailored to their needs and branded with their corporate logo.

Please follow the link to see what we have done for our existing partners.

If any of these products would be useful for your work in raising the next generation of assistance dogs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We will be pleased to assist in any way we can.

Canine Crib Guide Dog pup in Playmaze Assistance Dogs

Half height doors


200mm high doors for whelping boxes or playpens. These fit allow mum to come and go whilst keeping the pups contained. Available in all colourways  to coordinate with whelping unit or playpen.

With a variety of colours, designs and personalised options, we have something to suit all tastes.

Whichever you choose, make sure it's your favourite, as we guarantee them for a minimum of 10 years!

Designs are repeated on all faces, so they look great from all angles.

Choose your favourite design, review the wide range of sizes to find the right size for your dog and finally choose from our range of accessories, to complete your total breeding system.


Browse our range by clicking the links below and when you're ready, head over to our Shop. 

"Monochromatic patriotism. Our products are proudly Made in Great Britain, just like the little inhabitants."

"Our Canine Crib is a smart solution for breeders of toy dogs. With all round ventilation, it's warm, durable and safe with no bars for entrapment."

"Pure White Delivery Suite whelping units. Clean sleek design, ideal for the minimalist look. Easy to wipe and always look clean."

"Reminiscent of days gone by, when rare and mysterious items were shipped across the globe."

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"Personalised Whelping Box, with your own kennel name. Available in a range of colours and designs. A first in the UK."

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